CRTC asked to look at regulating Netflix

Posted on April 14, 2011


Via Globe & Mail:

Members of “the television sector” approached the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission with the request on March 31. A letter was sent to the CRTC on behalf of 35 executives from the telecommunications, broadcasting, and TV production sectors.

Rogers Communications Inc., (RCI.B-T34.71-0.25-0.72%) which owns the CITY-TV broadcast network as well as a handful of specialty stations, confirmed that it also participated in the initiative, but declined to comment further. The group is now awaiting a response from the CRTC.

Netflix usage in Canada

Netflix Inc. (NFLX-Q236.73-2.02-0.85%) launched its streaming service in Canada last September. The service allows viewers to watch video over the Internet on computers, tablets, Web-enabled TV sets and televisions connected to certain gaming consoles that can access the Web.

Such “over the top” services present a challenge to traditional media businesses, especially in Canada, since Netflix is able to operate in a similar fashion as a broadcaster, but without regulatory strictures such as costly requirements for spending on Canadian programming.

Netflix Inc.

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