Woodstock, ON: Explosion and Fire Video

Posted on March 27, 2011


Via: Carla Garrett

Seven people have been rushed to hospital — and nine others are still “unaccounted for,” with air ambulance on hand and emergency staff still responding to the scene of a chaotic apartment fire that started with a yet unexplained explosion at a Woodstock apartment building.


The blaze, which tore through a three-storey walk-up at 168 Wellington Street near the intersection of Henry and Victoria streets, started after a loud explosion was heard in the area at about 8:30 a.m., police said.

“I live about three blocks north of the building, and I heard it — it was loud — and my house shook,” said Woodstock Police Sgt. Marvin Massecar

“We are not sure what the cause was, or what we are dealing with 100%, but we do know it is a major incident,” he said. “There are people unaccounted for still.”

“Already, seven people have been transported to hospital, and air ambulance is on standby in the park just south of the scene, and we have the Red Cross and Salvation Army here assisting with disaster relief,” said Massecar.

The apartment is home to a “mixed age group,” said Massecar.

Police have advised family members who are looking to locate loved ones can call a toll free number that has been established by the Red Cross for further information 1-866-280-1735.

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