Korea: 1 Gigabit/s UNLIMITED @ $27/Month!

Posted on March 26, 2011


*1 GIGABIT per second for $27 a month.* – That speed is almost inconceivable to Canadians. It’s more than 200 times faster than speeds enjoyed by most Americans, who pay an average of $46 a month — nearly double Korea’s planned price. Even more heartbreaking — those speeds and prices are for completely unlimited access.

Korea already has 100Mbps unlimited service for $38 a month, but they’re saying those speeds and prices are no longer sufficient for Korea’s new digital economy. Wow. What about Canada?

Here is a message to the CRTC: everyone hates you. Do you have any idea what’s going on in the rest of the world? Well, I suppose you do. Hence the price gouging and consumer rape-fest you continue to indulge in.

It’s obvious that you’re plan is to milk us for all we’re worth before we start to wake up. Well, guess what? We’re waking up. We’re ticked off and we’re on to you.

The rest of the planet is way ahead of us. Romania, for example, is offering faster speeds at lower prices with unlimited bandwidth. They’re thinking of the future. They realize the importance of technology. Perhaps RIM is hurting because it takes them 10 hours to do what it takes Korea to do in 10 seconds. If Canada doesn’t force Big Telecom to catch up, we’re in big trouble.

It’s not just our technology sector that will fall – the effect will trickle down to every major industry we have to offer. Broadband must become a national priority. With inevitable political campaigns on the horizon, we need to force the problem of ‘Big Telecom’ as an election issue.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and all this ‘broadband’, ‘Big Telecom’ talk has you confused, allow me to put things into perspective.

Download speeds:
Canada comes 36th in terms of average download speed, at 9.52 megabits per second (Mbps). The US is ranked 31st, the UK, 29th.

Upload speeds:
Canada is in 64th spot globally, at 1.35Mbps, behind smaller countries with less developed infrastructures, including:
Mozambique, ranked 62nd, at 1.41Mbps.
Swaziland, ranked 61st, at 1.43Mbps.
Kenya, ranked 58th, at 1.52 Mbps.
Kazakhstan, ranked 40th, at 2.10Mbps.

So, how do we educate more Canadians about what companies like Rogers and Bell are doing?

Start by going HERE and signing the petition. And get your MP to wake up too.