LOST Is John Locke

Posted on March 4, 2010


John Locke is 'Evil Incarnate'

Remember when I said that Locke was secretly Jesus? I meant the opposite of that. The story of this show has interested me from the beginning. But now I’m freaked out. Terry O’Quinn is making me crap my pants more as the show continues.

It’s true that Matthew Fox may be the only cast member to know the secrets of the show – or at least how it ends. But it was always planned by J.J. Abrams for O’Quinn to play John Locke. Terry says that watching himself as Locke is the only time where he can comfortably watch his own work. With almost one hundred roles under his belt, he’s not a noob. Check out his filmography HERE.

I love the fact that this show was designed for six seasons. It frees up the cast and allows for great work because they’re not worried about whether they’ll still be on the show after six years. Thinking something like, ‘The end is in sight, so lets make it a good one’, could be common.

I just hope the ending is worth it.

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