The Season Finale of ‘The Bachelor’ – Vienna & Jake Break Up

Posted on March 2, 2010


The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi - aka Horse Face McGee

I thought I’d jump in on the fun of evening soap operas and rip on Vienna Girardi a bit. I’ll be honest and tell everyone that, yes, I watch the Bachelor. But only because my wife joins me in watching LOST and 24. So I kinda feel obligated. Either way, I actually began to have an opinion about the characters on the show! I say ‘characters’ because ‘The Bachelor’ is the most obviously scripted show since… well… everything on TV?

Scripting aside, this show hooked me for the same reason I find any story interesting: I had no idea what was going to happen. Whether it’s soapy, explosiony, or a romantic comedy – I like stories that have character layers and unpredictability. This season of The Bachelor, for most people watching, achieved those two elements. Well maybe not character layers, but you know what I mean.

Thus, I think Vienna is a poo poo head and she needs to have her implants removed and then have the silicone shot through a canon into the side of Jake’s head. True? Am I right?

Just wait until word spreads about Vienna’s topless photo shoot. Yeah, you read correctly. But don’t worry, it’s not full out topless. She’s wearing a scarf so it’s okay?

NSFW image HERE.

Do you think Jake made the right decision? Euuuchkkk… I don’t. Plus she has a horsey face. Neh.

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